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Swedish Massage

The most common form of massage therapy. This massage aids in stress reduction and increases relaxation and well-being.

30 Minute $35  60 Minute $60  90 Minute $90  


Hot Stones Massage

Hot stones can be used on the whole body to promote a sense of relaxation. They can also be used in targeted areas to improve muscle function.

60 Minute $75  90 Minute $105

Heated Bamboo Massage

Bamboo is warmed and used to massage the body. The warmth of the bamboo teamed with the rhythm of the massage create a sense of relaxation, while gently releasing tension.

60 Minute $75  90 Minute $105


 Sticks and Stones Massage

Hot Stones and Bamboo are combined to melt away stress and tension. This is the ultimate relaxation massage.

90 Minute $105


Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage

This is a massage that focuses on the deeper tissues of the body to improve structure and function while helping to reduce chronic pain.

30 Minute $35  60 Minute $60  90 Minute $90  


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is an advanced therapy in which the therapist uses a range of specialized and gentle rhythmic pumping techniques to move lymph to help with detoxification, the reduction swelling, and to increase the ability for the body to heal itself.

60 Minute $60  90 Minute $90


Prenatal Massage

This is a full body massage that is designed with the pregnant body in mind. It is great to relieve stress and tension within the body and promote relaxation.

60 Minute $60


The Outer Limits Massage

This massages involves the head, arms, and feet so clients can remained dressed. The face is massages with cold stones. The scalp is massaged. The lower and hands are massaged. The feet are treated with Himalayan Salt mixed with your choice of essential oils, followed by a foot massage.  

60 Minute $75

Chakra Time

This therapy combines sound therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki, and crystals (if desired) to bring awareness to the seven charkas, A set of Chakra stones can be purchased for $15


Hawaiian Elemental Massage

Also known as Kahi Loa, this massage takes you on a journey of the seven elements (fire, wind, water, stone, plant, animal, and human) that will leave you with an overall sense of balance and well-being.


Wise Woman Massage

This massage was designed for a woman in menopause but will benefit everyone. Treatment includes an oil scalp massage,face massage, castor oil pack with abdominal massage, reflexology, and lypmphatic massage. It is great to add moisture to the head and body and can help with hair growth. It also has great benefits to the digestive system. 90 minutes



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